Beware if you are sitting on the toilet seat with toilet paper!

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Hygienic problem at public toilets

You’ve entered a public toilet, how do you think it was used before you? To be hygienic, you first wiped the toilet paper, and then sat on the toilet paper and sat down on the toilet seat. What you think you’re protecting? It can actually be the main cause of the germ.

According to the scientific world, toilets are produced in a way not to contain bacteria. Of course, this issue is controversial because in many measurements there are incredible bacteria in the door handles of public toilets. However, according to experts, toilet paper on the toilet bowl, spreading the microbes cause more.


William Schaffner of Vanderbilt University Medical Center; Toilets are not a means of transmission of infection. You don’t get any disease.

Another important information about the toilets is that you should close the toilet seat when you flush. Because if you don’t close the lid when you flush, the bacteria move out of the toilet with the splashing water

There are dozens of habits spreading all over the world. Many of these are done with the desire to be clean and clean. Cleaning in the toilet is also very concerned and the toilet habits are very important.

Everything you do in the toilet is directly related to the health of people who use the same toilet as you. Putting toilet paper on the toilet seat is one of the measures taken. What if we tell you that this is wrong?

If you’re one of the people who put toilet paper on the toilet seat, you should read it a little more carefully. If you’re putting toilet paper on the toilet before you sit down, we need to tell you that you’ve made a big mistake. You probably think you’re doing something right, but not at all.

Seat covers are used to provide comfort and to keep you away from diseases and bacteria. In other words, the toilet seat is designed not to carry any bacteria. So, there is no reason for you to do this to avoid bacteria and diseases. You’re just going to bother … And there’s also harm!

Many bacteria are trapped directly in toilet paper

There’s a loss, we mean it. Experts explain this way: the person who uses the toilet before you flush the bacteria 2-3 meters away from the spread.

Well, since putting toilet paper 5 meters away from the toilet is not a very clever job and toilet paper is almost at the bottom of the toilet all over the world, many bacteria are trapped directly in toilet paper.

So in fact, when you spread toilet paper to avoid bacteria from the toilet, you provide direct contact with potential bacteria. This must be the weirdest thing possible. You’re hurting yourself while trying to protect

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